Unveiling QS V6.0 – post #1004

Evening All 

Yes, we are still developing and improving the product here and assume most will guess from the pic what the new release is all about. PERSONAL NOTIFICATIONS!

That’s right, alerts sent to your device, on almost any market you like to play, on your terms. The game time of the alert, the odds, the market (corners, cards, goals, goalscorers etc etc) at the timein the game you like to dip your toe in. 

Think of this as your personal betting bot that you define. The current TTT notifications package is drilled down to the late goals and teams to score SH, and home favourites losing at home. That’s based on my logic, pre loaded into the notifications. Now you can do the same through QS, all based on the lines you look for in the markets you want and the game time you want to play them!

No more sitting in front of the PC/Laptop/Phone anymore with this. Set up the filter you want to be alerted about and the market you want and you will get notified direct to your device at a time point in the game you specify! 

Opens up a whole new world for those of us that are busy with our day jobs/family etc. The alerts come through via Telegram and they can be pre-set for any market or fixture covered on QS. 

So, without further ado, below is a relatively short (13 minute) help video on how to get started and how to set up personal notifications for yourselves!

This function will be available to all subscribers including free for the rest of the month, and from Jan 1 it will be only available on one of the paid packages.

As always, I wish you all the very best in winning versus the books!