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Are you fed up of losing on football accas every weeekend? Arsenal or Liverpool busting the slip at home? It's time to expose a myth - betting on favourites loses you money in the long term in football! FACT. Let me explain.

This season is the first since 1998 that Arsenal have not been dining in the Champions League. In other words, they have had a top-four finish for the past 19 years in the Premier League. In the past 5 years, prior to this season, they had won 63.1% of their home games! That is almost 20% above the home win % in that period.

But guess what? On their starting price in those games if you had backed them to win every match at level stakes you would have lost money! Mad isn't it? Or is it? You would have made more money backing Stoke or Swansea to win at home over the same period. Why is this? Hard working guys and girls, bet these favourites to win, week in, week out. And guess what? The Bookmakers love it!

Ignore Price Boosts, ignore favourites that are priced below what they should be! When you understand the relationship between odds and probability you put yourself ahead of the game.

My eBook expands on the concepts, please focus on the meaning rather than the look, I will get to updating it at some point! I refer to accounts no longer active, but they were there, back in the day.

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These principles apply to any sport or market, not just football, I hope it helps you, and if you have any queries drop me a line at