How Does It Work?

Hi All,

So, there are a couple of strands and channels to all this but first, let me introduce myself. My name is Mark and welcome to the website, The Tipping Times. This site was built to help support those that love sports and stats. Particularly football (soccer).

There are two Twitter accounts @thetippingtimes which is where the pre-game shouts get tweeted and more recently, the horse selections and fancies. Then there is @tttinplay primarily devoted to inplay shouts. Both are free accounts to follow.

I created The Tipping Times back in July 2014 as I gathered a few followers through Twitter. I thought it would be appropriate to have a more formalised website etc. Blog picks & stats have been posted regularly from mid-October 2014.

If this is your first visit or you are a relatively new follower then please look through the Start Here page.

Predicted football outcomes are posted regularly on the blog page of The Tipping Times. Sports stats are the starting point to figure out an outcome on a game/match, and the entry page for all the stats is via Quick Stats Menu.

I hope you will enjoy looking around and predicting outcomes from the stats on the site.

Quick Stats

Massive coverage, live stats inplay all connected to separate telegram channels including a personal BOT that will only alert based on what you ask it to.

It covers over 1000 competitions, at the time of writing (July 2020) there are 1027 different comps. Across these we cover up to 349 data points per game, from goals to corners to cards.

It’s all connected, you can get pre-game forecasts sent to you and/or inplay alerts. You can customise your bot so that it only alerts you when your criteria match. Notifications arrive via telegram and the notification hub on the site, the notification hub is faster as it removes the delay within telegram.

You do not have to wait to see how a filter will perform, we have a community filter library with over 1000 pre-made filters that have already been tracked. Simply browse through and import those that you like.

If you have the time and inclination you can experiment with building your own, they may be better than what we have already built! Now the good thing is you don’t need to wonder if the filter you have built will be any good.

Build it. Save it. Send it to labs. QS will run your filter over all the games in the historical time period based on the criteria that you have included, and say it is for a first half goal or BTTS it will return the percentage of games that the outcome occurred in.

This allows you to play and manipulate your filters to get them performing to the highest. Make tweaks and resend to labs to see if it has improved or worsened the filter. Rinse and repeat until it is at a strike rate you are happy with.

We also have the daily cards built in for those who remember years back when I used to post the highest percentage games for BTTS, over 2.5 match goals and home win. These also have their own alert channel on telegram if the odds on any game gets to evens inplay or pregame.

You can also choose to have a forecast for the day sent to you at any given time you specify, the default local times are 7am which covers the games for that day up to 11pm KO, and an overnight one sent at 9pm local time which covers Kos from 11pm that evening to 7am the following morning. You can change the time that you get sent the forecast to a time that is convenient for you.

Also as we have a global audience all QS displays fixtures in your countries local time.

Personal Betting Alerts

Alerts can be tailored not only by game time and minimum odds, but also by specific inplay conditions for game state, you can even restrict alerts to whether the market is available on 365 or if the game is on the betfair exchange. We have 200 inplay conditions that you can use to build/refine the alerts that you get. From cards and booking points, to corners in the last x minutes, home or away xc, corner counts and races, shots, shots on target, goals, odds, possession stats, relative league position of each side amongst others.

The alerts can be set as text only, game card, or both and will give you the historical percentages over the time frame you have set the alert for.

You can also set your alerts up to track the results so you can see how they are performing and what the implied odds are that you want to be beating.

We also have a notification hub, as mentioned before this is even faster than Telegram for alerts as there is one less link in the chain. This is the page where all the inplay games that are on match one of your filter criteria and you will have visibility of the day ahead including the inplay games. All pages within QS are updated in almost real time.

Betting Community

Daily shouts, share filters, discuss strategies. Come and join the community!