Today’s football Picks from Europe and South America

Afternoon All

A couple of picks are below for the late afternoon games. If any are looking at the England game then expect almost a completely different starting XI to what Southgate would normally play. Andorra should have 11 behind the ball so expect England to dominate all the stats. Depends on the line-up and how well they can cut through Andorra but the -4 AH sort of appeals here.

The daily goals list is posted in the free telegram channel here and is decent for first-half goals and match totals. Also if you want to sign up for free, or sub to the Quick Stats packages you can here

As always good luck if you get on any.

Saturday 9th October 2021 pre-game selections

  1. Overs Double – Bayern W and Kraig @ 2.08
  2. Double – Karlovac overs and Sinquinala win @ 3.99
  3. Overs Double II – Recoleta and Tombense @ 4.5

Points Staked

1 pt on each

Points Staked 3