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Evening Guys

In preparation for 2019 access to the QS will still be free for those that want to exercise that option. However, it will only be for blog members that are subscribed to the blog. As such, I have created a Free entry level sub to the blog. You will still have the same access if you sign up to the blog. Just register via the button on the top menu or on the sidebar.

To be completely honest I am not a pessimist and believe the best in everyone, however, I am sure that QS has been used by other services, old and new, that have been free subscribers on the old model. Some may have even created tipping pages from it? That is a breach of the T&Cs of our website.

The free subscription membership will last for a month at this point, and at this stage you will be able to renew month on month. For those mentioned above, the jury is out.

The old forum log in links have been deleted and the new free blog subscriptions links have been created. They are on the top menu of the blog and on the right sidebar if viewing on PC or Laptop. If on mobile either flip to landscape, click the menu or scroll right down to the bottom of the page.

Why choose Quick Stats? More data = more opportunities. We cover over 500 leagues, with up to 300 data points in each game. It’s completely customisable to your preference, not mine, not any other tipster’s but your preference. If you understand value then you will appreciate that we are one of the few services that calculates the implied odds versus the actual odds.

You are able to set up filters against specific markets, form, game conditions and much more. Not only are you able to create these filters, you can also set up alerts in Telegram in real time on the games that your filter picks out. You can choose the time you want to be alerted at from your personal bot. You can ask your bot questions regarding games that will be answered instantly.

We also send daily and overnight forecasts based on the QS via telegram, fixtures permitting, and also an elitle league version of the same. The free service in itself is comprehensive, covering > 100 leagues, and again up to 300 data points in each game. We also use Poisson (google it) to calculate xG, xC and xBP in the games we cover, it’s flexible and will adjust to the time period you filter for.

We also have an active and thriving QS channel with plenty of banter, the bot naming was a special moment today.

We do not display stats based on current season only as in my mind this is restrictive. If you did that what would you do in gameweeks 1-4 of the season? So, we filter by monthly values and also as a default by the home at home and the away when away. So by the time you get to November in the English season swapping to the 3 month filter gives you the current season. Prior to that it is still early days in the league and I’d also like to see how they finished the previous season (6 month filter). Promoted/demoted teams usually excluded.

It depends on what you like to play, we cover goals, corners, player cards, team booking points, goalscorers, first goalscorers, HT results, early goals, late goals, teams to win from behind, teams to score before 60, over 1.5 match, over 1.5 team etc. I am not going to list all 300 data points but hopefully it makes sense.

To reiterate, this is not a sales pitch, just a summary of the product, I have not done such a post before, and I apologise as that is a disservice to you. I probably have not covered a third of it in all honesty, but hey here’s the most recent YouTube on how to set up a personal bot (Yes there are YouTube tutorials too).

With due respect, I do not offer a glorified excel spreadsheet but a completely intuitive solution, that you can query and get answers back in real time, based on the historical performance of the teams in the fixture.

As always best of luck wih your plays.

feel free to share, like, dislike, or comment on it!

Oh and we also do HT accas amongst other things.

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