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All market settings

QS has two kinds of markets: value and percentage.

Value market – On average the home team see 1.5 goals per game

Percentage market – 70% of the fixtures in the data returned have seen BTTS.

The all percentages must be and all values must be fields allow you to apply a default threshold for each kind of market.

For example if you set all percentages must be to between 70 and 100, only green markets will be shown.

Team streaks denote how many games the team has seen a market. For example if we stick with BTTS, if the home team has a streak of 5 then the last 5 games included in the data range have seen BTTS.

Include team streaks and streak range allow you to restrict the markets returned to only those with the streak settings you apply.

Filter by price

Filtering by price is a key component of QS. This section allows you to restrict the markets returned to only those with prices, only those with value between the QS implied odds and actual odds, only those with a specific price or better….

It is also possible to filter on live odds markets. As games can be very fluid its often a requirement to filter by price where we don’t actually know how many corners/goals have been scored.

Adding the over 0.5. goals live odds market allows you to filter the price for another goal. For example if the score was 1-1, the over 0.5 goals live odds market would return the price inplay for over 2.5 goals.

Filter by markets

QS best markets are shown with a star icon next to them. This means they are one of the top 5 in this market for the day across all fixtures in the selected data range. To only show these markets, set only show best markets to yes.

An alive market means that it is still active. For example Over 0.5 first half goals will be alive in the first half while the score remains 0-0. Once a goal is scored or half time arrives the market is no longer classed as alive.

Add market filter

Clicking this button allows you to add a filter for any of the +350 markets covered by QS.

Search for the market you want, then click to select it. It will add the market to the filter screen.

This filter row can be moved up or down. Doing so adjusts the position the market will appear in the filter results, notifications, forecasts etc.

You can make the market optional or mandatory.

A mandatory market means that the fixture must have this market & it must meet the filter requirements you have specified. If it does not, it will not be included in the results.

An optional market means that the market will only be displayed in the results if it meets the specified criteria. The market will be hidden if not, but the fixture will still be included.

Clicking the search icon at the end of the row will display further market filtering options.

Use team value allows you to decide whether or not to use the combined value (default) or the lowest team value.

For example for BTTS we will set our value to between 70 and 100. If the home team value is 100% and the away team value is 50%, the combined value will be 75%. This falls within the range & the fixture will be included.

If we change to team value, this filter will not be included as the away team value is 50%.

Team streaks and filtering by price work exactly the same as mentioned above, but specifically to the selected market.

Only show selected markets above controls what appears in your filter. If you set this to yes you will only see the filters selected above.

Its possible to include additional markets & not filter on them in order to restrict and design the results you see.

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