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Which fixtures to include

The combination of include statistics from and type of statistics to include gives a wide range of data you can analyse.

If you are only interested in H2H meetings, or only performance in the last 3 months, you can set that here. Doing so will affect market data returned in your filter.

Statistics are based on and team must have minimum filters allow you to specify how many games the statistics returned are based on.

Often useful for removing fixtures without many games played; setting statistics are based on 15 and team must have minimum 5 means that for a fixture to be displayed each team must have at least 5 games played, and combined games must be at least 15.

The search for field allows free text filtering of team name or competition. This can often be left blank & used on the fixtures returned to further restrict the results.

Lists allow you to filter down to a specific list maintained by a tipster.

My favourites and my ignored teams tie into your user defined team lists. You can find more information here.

Fixture time

Define which fixtures to include by selecting from a varied list.

If you select any of the inplay options, you can also set the inplay time must be fields to further restrict what is returned.

For example selecting fixtures inplay and setting the time between 30 and 45 minutes will mean you’ll only see fixtures that are playing the first half after 30 minutes.

Team form

The form of both the home and away team can be used to filter the results returned.

If you are only interested in fixtures where the away team have lost four of their last five fixtures, you can set that here.

Inplay scores

You can restrict your filter to only show fixtures with certain scores.

Fixture score must be enables you to define the number of goals scored. You are only looking for fixtures where the the score is a draw, home are winning, away are winning…

Corner score must be has the same functionality as fixture score must be, except this applies the the corner score and not goals.

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