July Review

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Morning guys,

This month has been tough and brought us back down to reality after what was an exceptional June. Whilst it was always going to be challenging to replicate the run we had in June, July proved to be tough going. A detailed breakdown of all P/L and ROI below.

Results –

Points staked – 37
Profit/Loss – (-16.67 pts)
ROI – (-45%)
Avg winning odds – 11 (in decimal) (Only 1 winner on 2nd July)

Running P/L – (+96.6pts)

As said before the month has proven to be tough and shows the importance of maintaining our bankroll. Even after having a terrible month, we are still well in profit from our exploits in June highlighting the need for discipline in this game. I am hoping to turn things around in August and find a couple of winners at good odds to bring us back into positive territory over a month, however, I must once again emphasize that the goal is to be profitable in the long term and there will be losing months but the winnings months would out-weigh the losing ones.

Another thing I want to mention is the no of selections has reduced over July as a lot of the runners did not appeal to me. I would not put up selections for the sake of it and only put out ones I feel have a strong chance. Whilst there may be a lack of betting opportunities its better to keep the money in our accounts than give it back on selections we are unsure about. There will always be more races and opportunities and as said before we must aim for long term profit.

Hoping for a better month in August.