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At the top of the fixture screen is the fixture banner. This shows the home team, away team, the competition they are playing in and the score.

You can expand the score to see more detailed information regarding attacks, dangerous attacks etc. These help give a good feeling for the intensity of action in a live fixture.

On the left hand side the current live odds are shown where applicable, along with the fixture averages.

In the top right we have the options menu with links to the following screens:

Key markets

Frequently used markets shuch as home win, BTTS, away win, draw… All the key information for this fixture in one place.

Top markets

These will show the top live markets. For example first half markets will be hidden if the game has gone into the second half. This helps focus what you can see in relation to the live fixture.

Timelines & bands

Graphical depiction of goals & corners scored/conceded for each team. Often a useful reference point for action in a match. These can be filtered to change the data type and range from that selected on the filter.

Recent form

The form for both home & away is shown over all the different combinations of data offered in QS.


Detailed corner information for each team on the last games played.


You have four different options for filtering here: show all, match, first half and second half.

As the names suggest these filter the markets down to the category you selected. Within this its possible to search again to narrow down what you want to look at.

Clicking on any market drill in to show its performance over all data combinations in QS.

History and statistics

See the history of matches played for both home & away. Clicking on a historic game will bring up the match report.

Statistics shows a flat sheet of markets per team, less detail than QS but good for viewing historic data.

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