Upgraded Quick Stats Membership with Notifications options

Evening All

The Quick Stats (QS) have been live for some time now. As long-term followers will know, there is far better value in Inlay markets compared to pre-game. Problem with that is that we all lead busy lives and cannot be watching the lines all day.

The majority of us work, or are at Uni and/or have a family to cater for. Unless you are a professional bettor (I am not) you cannot possibly find the best value either inplay or pre-game on any sport.

I wanted to build something for us punters. Something that would give us the biggest edge on the inplay lines. I wanted it to be automated. To give you the option of placing those goal line winners at 7s, when I am not around watching lines. We launched a public test on Sunday which went well.

A lot of time, work and effort has gone into bringing this to fruition. Over 12 months, we have gone from PDF lists to basic pages on the blog, and more interactive in-depth game cards. There are over 250,000 matches in the database with more added daily.

Now, to add to this, automation is here.

You may have seen on Twitter the double-digit singles winners we have had and in the public test on Sunday, many found big winners. That you would not normally consider playing.

QS notifications are now live. We have made a few changes to it in terms of speed and polling time and built-in links to the game cards. For those that missed the test this is what it does;

1. You register to the blog and subscribe to the notifications (yes, they will be paid and also a limited free option) MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION FORM YOU ARE REDIRECTED TO.
2. You will get sent alerts on games Inplay that have a high chance of a FHG or SHG based on the last 12-month performance of the home and away sides in that league.
3. You will also get notified when a match fav is losing, and the odds are at 2.0 or better
4. That is as it stands, we have more planned for it.

I really do not bet that much unlike other accounts you may see, the odds and the game must be right for me, just 2 Inplays advised on Sunday on the public test landed at 2.45s and 11s.

Here are a few winners from Monday, not much footy on, right?


It’s not a one-off, for those that followed on Sunday, as per point 5 above I advised 2 winners at 2.45s and 11s.

If you are still thinking about it, then just a couple more from Sunday.

I want to stress this is not guaranteed winners. Nothing is in betting, manage your bankroll sensibly and the winners like above should come in. If you have not already read it then the free eBook on value betting is available on the blog.

For those that missed the public test below is an example of a game card that you will get sent on Telegram.


I genuinely believe that this is the best footy betting product I have seen by far, and I have tried and subscribe to many. It’s built to help you and me get on when as, Leslie Crowther said, the price is right.

It’s intuitive, interactive and will hopefully help all our betting. So how to sign up and what are the costs?

In keeping with the QS packages there will be a free and paid service so entirely up to you about which option if any, you wish to take. As per the QS the free notifications will have far less content and leagues covered.

Full access to QS remains at £15/month formerly platinum (now gold but still has all the leagues), full access to QS plus notifications (new platinum level) £20/month. If you do not wish to take a QS package, then the notifications as a stand-alone product is £15/month.

IMPORTANT – if you are an existing member your pricing and access will continue as it currently is, so you should not notice any changes. If you are an existing platinum member and wish to add on the notifications, then please re-subscribe through the new Platinum button below. Or if you are a non-platinum member and wish to upgrade the same applies. Please remember not to forget to cancel your existing subscription! If your monthly package has just renewed and you want to add the notifications, then after you have signed up for them just drop me an email and I will pro-rata refund the remainder of your previous month’s subscription.

Gold Membership

Monthly access to all the Stats Pages including Quick Stats, FHG, SHG, Cards, GoalScorers, BTTS and All Markets pages with 224 more leagues than Silver Membership including all 548 competitions for £15 monthly via the button below.

Platinum Membership

Monthly access to All pages and all leagues that Gold covers plus telegram notifications, for £20 monthly via the button below. The Ultimate package.

Notifications Only

No access to Quick Stats or expanded game cards just plain and simple notifications via Telegram only for £15 monthly. You will not be able to see any extended data on the games or access any pages or functionality on QS except the free leagues.



Any issues drop me an email will respond as soon as I am able to!

As always, I wish you the best of luck with your betting.