Quick Stats Notifications upgrade, welcome to QSN2

Evening All

It’s been a whirlwind 10 months or so since we went live with QSN last August ready for the new season!

This year we are a bit more ahead of ourselves to release QSN2 from this evening ready for all the summer leagues and the main euro season ahead.
QSN was the late FHG and SHG shouts mainly with teams to score in the SH added in to give options for making doubles and trebles etc.

QSN2 is far more than that we have dropped the team to score in SH and retained the late FH and SH goal alerts. We have also added the late FH and SH corner alerts to the service which have worked well, both in extensive private and community testing.

The alerts some out at a reasonable enough time for you to research the game before playing if you even choose to and will allow enough time for the odds to creep up.

I cannot stress the importance of a placeholder enough when playing Inplay, so many times I have heard, “I was waiting for the line”. Don’t be that guy or girl.

We will and have been tracking the outcomes of the shouts, so you have complete transparency.

I’m not around all the time to track Inplay lines which was something that frustrated me when actively tipping on Twitter. I wanted to build something that could send you what I would be on if I was not at work, asleep or with the family.

It’s not perfect but it does look at the same parameters I used to, except for the human element of knowing what the game means for both sides and the motivation factor.

Above is the best Bot since we have been tweaking the parameters since mid-May. It has been in test for far longer than that but that was the last time we settled on the filters.

This will still be a free service for those that don’t want to pay for it and will be on the restricted but extensive leagues that we offer on that service.

Those that do sub to help support the growth and development of the project will have these notifications on all the leagues that QS covers.

As for tracking you get real time alerts when the half completes and also the monthly and all time performance of the service. Real time alerts come through as follows;

We track the o0.5 markets and the o1 markets by default, however they should not be backed blindly.

QSN2 is designed to highlight games that meet certain Inplay conditions that are favourable for betting.

Consider the game state before deciding to play, is the fav winning or losing, has Xc or Xg already been reached.

Do not play every notification, decide yourself after reviewing the game.
Each notification tracks the “0.5” and “1.5” markets. These record how many times there are over 0.5 & over 1.5 goals or corners after the notification is sent.

If playing the higher lines, consider weighting your stake so that you are in profit if just the lower line wins. You could also consider drip feeding your stake in small increments up to your full point value to get the higher odds for late winners.

If you are already hitting winners like these on the footy consistently, then congratulations, if you aren’t, maybe sign up for a month and get involved in the group? We landed a treble at 660s earlier this week, but as it’s betting, we do lose too and can go on losing streaks as expected at these odds.

Whatever you decide I wish you the very best of luck in your betting endeavours.