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Late in 2017 the blog started supplying statistical data on football results to make researching information easier.

Over this time the QS system has evolved into a complete package with one aim, to help you bet better.

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What do we offer?

Fixture market analysis over 1 to 18-month historical timeframes in the following categories: Head to head, all matches & home vs. away. Click on any market to expand and see more detailed information on that market.

You can apply filters to this data to restrict what is displayed, based on your personal preferences. For example, filter by the number of games played in total or by each team, filter by competition, historic market percentage... the list goes on.

Wherever possible you also get live odds from Bet 365. displayed with the stats. These are refreshed each minute, live inplay prices against markets you filtered.

Once you have created a filter you are happy with it, give it a name and save it. It will be there for you whenever you log-in until you delete it. Tweak your filters over time to improve them and connect them to the live tracking service to help you see in an instant how each filter is performing. You can make pre-game filters, and also inplay filters that will only return results after a specific time when the game is inplay. It is all fully customisable based on your preferences and the markets that you like to play.

Who knows, you may even find markets that you never thought were profitable before!

There is also the option of linking all this to Telegram alerts for platinum members, whereby real-time alerts can be sent to your devices for your personal filters, the telegram service also has the ability to deliver twice daily forecasts, one in the morning for the upcoming games that day, and one in the evening for the overnighters.

And all these fixtures and displayed and tracked in your local time zone from wherever you log in from around the world.

We also provide a QS group chat on Telegram, which is a supportive environment to discuss upcoming and inplay games, and also if you want to shout what you are playing, it’s more than just that though, it’s a lot of fun as well!

How does it work?

Join up, create some filters and look around. Once you have created filters connect them to the TT Bot here. Once connected you can select filters to appear in your forecast or to be sent as notifications.

Check out our full guide to QS here.

Customisable forecast

You can define your own forecast & have it delivered up to twice a day in PDF format.

All the fixtures you are interested in condensed into one place.

Live notifications

The filters you build can apply to specific situations, e.g. big favourites now losing at home. If you want to be notified when this happens, set the filter to send notifications.

Doing so will generate a mini QS card & send this directly to you via Telegram. Live inplay tips you design, checking games for you 24/7. Saving you time from having to research manually and help with deciding what or when to play regardless of the number of fixtures on at that time.

Performance tracking

Ok, you built a filter looking for first-half goals & set it to send you notifications... how do you know you should back them? Is your filter any good?

Switch on the performance tracking for the filter. Decide what you want to track (first half goals, match result, over 2.5 goals, another corner, the list goes on) & QS will start tracking the performance of the filter in these markets.

For filters set for notifications or forecasts, the tracking results will be included so you can see the performance when it matters before you place a bet.

Replay filters over historic data

Further to our performance tracking we now offer the ability to replay filters over historic data.

Build a filter, send it to the TippingTimes labs, get the results automatically returned to you.

Create & test strategies then see if they are profitable without a ball being kicked.


Group telegram channels for goals, corners, daily cards & exotics. Each notification sends a game card, all channels fully tracked.

Find out more here

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