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Hi All,

A post to announce changes to accessing all the stats pages, including the quick stats on

By way of background, in 2017 they initially moved from excel sheets to PDF format. Then, in Feb this year, they migrated across to become interactive web pages on the blog. Since they have been on the blog we have all had the ability to filter the matches against 29 match markets and 33 first or second half markets (62 total markets).

We have over 200,000 thousand matches in the database of which we use the last 12 months or 136,000 matches to create the pages daily. As of today, there are 548 competitions covered on the stats pages. Over 400 are excluded due to limited or no markets in the UK. Hopefully, you have been able to find lots of winners from them since they started.

The initial idea was to set out and try and build a tool that would go some way to level the playing field for the footy/soccer punters when trying to get an edge on the books. To help you find inplay and pre-game opportunities without having to rely on a Tipster. Solely there to help us punters find better bets. It’s come a long way since then and we have made good progress in this but, rest assured, it is far from the finished article.

There are many future developments in the pipeline that will further enhance and improve the stats pages. I am not at liberty to say what they are currently, however, if all goes to plan and they come to fruition they will be in place at some point over the UK summer. Just in time for the start of the new European season. It goes without saying that this has already taken significant time to develop and maintain to the point where we have it currently.  

Taking all the above into account, as of this week there will be some changes. These will be introduced over the next couple of days, probably the first of them will start later today. You will, of course, still be able to access the stats for free. However, most content will move into paid membership packages. This will allow further development and create a more robust football/soccer betting tool for all.

There are currently 10 distinct stats pages on the website and even if you wish to continue to just access them you will still be able to access stats on over 50 competitions for free. However, if you want to support what I am doing and the project then you may want to sign up to one of the Membership packages. It will help us build a better tool and build it faster than just accessing the free stats.

If you want to support the project and sign up, then there are 4 membership levels with the entry level starting at £5 a month, through to the highest membership level at £15 per month. If you sign up in April or May and maintain the subscription, until the next version is released (scheduled for August 2018) this will guarantee your current pricing plan for the next 12 months for the football (intend to expand to more sports in the future), at that membership level. This is regardless of what enhancements are made in the future. It’s only going to better.

You can cancel at any time, but if all goes as planned, at the start of next season you will have a product that will be unlike anything else I have seen on the market. Take a look at the quick stats now and know that their functionality is in its infancy.

As mentioned above, we do cover a lot of leagues/competitions (548 will be over 550 later this week). Most of the European leagues are coming to the end of the season but the North & South American, Nordic and Asian leagues have just started to see us through the summer.

So in closing, we have built, as it stands, something that gives us punters an edge. To reiterate, you will still be able to access some of them for free without doing anything different on your part (over 50 leagues), but, if you want to support us by continuing to have full or almost full access to the stats pages and to help us and you by getting a better product out there sooner then please consider taking out a membership package.

Details of the membership packages can be found on the registration page of the website at

Thank you for taking the time to read the above, and as always best of luck with whatever you play. A full list of the competitions by membership level can be viewed here