Quick Stats Notifications

QSN is the telegram notifications functionality of Quick Stats.

These work alongside personal notifications & been designed to highlight games that meet certain inplay conditions that are favourable for betting.

How does QSN work?

Sign up for Quick Stats & join the channels.

What makes QSN different from other services? We send you a game card containing relevant statistics to review.

Each notification also automatically tracks the 0.5 & 1.5 markets.

These record how many times there are over 0.5 & over 1.5 goals or corners after the notification is sent.

  • Gold Membership
  • Access to statistics & filters
  • Personal TT bot access
  • No access to QSN or group chat

  • £15 a month
  • Notifications Only
  • No access to statistics & filters
  • No personal TT bot access
  • Access to QSN & group chat.

  • £15 a month
  • Platinum Membership
  • Full access to all features
  • Best value package
  • Come & join the community

  • £20 a month

Advice on playing notifications

Consider the game state before deciding to play, is the fav winning or losing, have the expected corners (xC) or expected goals (xG) already been reached.

Do not play all the notifications. Decide yourself after reviewing the game card that is sent with each notfication.

If playing the higher lines (1.5) consider weighting your stake so that you are in profit if just the lower line wins

You could also consider drip feeding your stake in small increments up to your full point value to get the higher odds for late winners.

Click here to find out more Quick Stats.

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