Sending a filter to the labs

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Once you set up tracking on your filter, it might be eligible to send to the labs.

Eligible filters

If the filter is not eligible it will be for two possible reasons.

1. Filter uses tipster lists

If your filter uses a tipster list such as “The list”, it cannot be put through the labs.

Tipster lists are not recorded and as such can only ever be for “today”. This prevents historic data being run over them as the daily selections are not present.

2. Filter has validation errors

As building the filter is very flexible, it is possible to make a filter that contradicts itself. For example if you were to set “all markets must have minimum odds of 2.00” on the filter, but the filter included markets that do not have odds (such as expected goals), the filter would never return any results.

Any errors like this will be shown in the filter validation.

To open this:

Click the link in the red bar at the top of the filter that says “this filter is not valid”.

Review the errors listed.

Modify the filter and save.

Starting a labs run

Once you have a filter that satisfies the criteria needed, you can start a labs run.

To do this:

Navigate to either track filter results or the tracking hub

Click the “to queue this filter for a labs run, click here” link.

You will be notified via telegram when the run has completed.

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