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You can open the “my favourites” page from the QS home screen.

Creating a favourite list

Click create favourite list button. This starts a new list.

The list needs to be populated with teams.

Search for a team in the search bar. This lists all available teams on QS. Select as many as you want & they will be added to the list.

Click the import list button. This provides free text entry where you can enter a list of team names. We will then match these to QS teams.

You can give the list a name by clicking the “change discription” button. This will be useful later if you have more than one list.

Sharing a list

You can share a list with other QS members. Click the “share” button, click copy to clipboard & share the link you have just copied.

On clicking the link the list will be imported to the other QS members profile.

Using a favourite list

Under the include fixtures page of a filter you will see two fields; my favourites and my ignored teams.

When you click either of these you will be presented with a list of your favourite lists.

select one or more to filter to only these teams (my favourites) or to exclude these teams (my ignored teams)

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