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    The Fish Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill can produce pet food, dog food, cat food and so on. The products have different shapes, unique flavor, rich nutrition and fine texture, which are in line with different dietary habits of animals. . With super-automatic control and high productivity, our fish feed line is the best choice for medium and large feed mills and farms. Our fish feed line can produce a variety of fish pellets
    Fish Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill Characteristics
    1. Fish and shrimp feed pellet machine adopts a double motor SPB strong narrow belt transmission system, has satisfactory transmission efficiency, smooth running, high yield, low noise, no oil pollution and lower maintenance cost.
    2. This machine has a circular mould with a pore diameter and thickness in a range of φ1.5-φ12mm; users can make choices according to different needs to get the best technical and economic benefits.
    3. A fixed stainless steel pelletizer with a more visual adjustment; a quick detachable anchor ear circular mould which can be equipped with a coordinated pressing roll regulating structure and a circular mould lifting device.
    4. This machine adopts frequency converter control feeding and is equipped with an overload protection device and a discharging structure.
    5. The compression bar oil pump lubrication device is quick, convenient, safe and reliable, and can achieve refueling without stopping.
    6. This machine is suitable for granulation of high quality livestock and poultry, aquatic feed, and other materials.
    Machine Description
    Main motor(kw)2222×230×245×255×2
    Feeder motor(kw)0.750.750.751.51.5
    Conditioner motor(kw)
    Wuxi Huamu Machinery Advantages
    a. Extensive production experience: we are specialized in pellet machine with an experience of more than 10 years.
    b. Complete production facilities: owning precision centerless grinding machine, straightening machine, fine polishing machine, precision lathe, milling and drilling machine, roller press and other advanced equipments. Our technicians will do regular scheduled maintenance on these machines to guarantee them work well.
    c. High quality raw material: we mainly choose raw material from big steel factory, such as TPCO, BAO STEEL, SHA STEEL, which are best and largest raw material manufacturer in China.
    d. Short Delivery time:We can finish one complete line within 2 months.
    e. Best after-sale service: Over 80% products are sold to the world, and all products are trusted by domestic and foreign customers.Fish Feed Pellet Machine manufacturers