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Evening All,

Just 3 weeks until the English Premier league kicks off the 18/19 season!

Why would you want it?

 Firstly read this blog post from April last season on just one of the gameweeks by way of example on how the eBook advised winners. Below are a couple of Twitter comments from those last used last season’s eBook, there are plenty more if you scroll back on my Twitter TL;

Just some feedback from twitter on last year’s EPL eBook from those that pre-ordered in the last day;

 “That’s why you use it to look for value. Where odds offered are better than the probability implied by the stats” – TP via twitter

“Thanks mate, very comprehensive. Hopefully can spot some value/winners from it!– Andy via Twitter

“been reading half hour, only on Bournemouth I know that’s the first team in book, but so much info” – Dee via Twitter

“loving the new epl book Mark. A great read, getting me through the day at work. Here’s to some £s from it this season!” – Jay via Twitter

So the question those are asking who did not have the eBook, is, what will be in the eBook? Those that already got the last 2 years will know, but this seasons version will AGAIN be more comprehensive. The 2017/18 version had 83 pages and 27,000 words. Here is a summary from last year’s email that was sent out to followers to explain the EPL eBook;

“Don’t let a gameweek slip by without the knowledge in the eBook – it will help you bet more successfully on the biggest league in the world.

“Definitive” may be a bit of a stretch, but it is packed with stats and which teams have been profitable in the EPL over the past 5 seasons.

“Every team is covered with historical performance compared to the pre-match prices on offer. It highlights when to take the bet compared to implied odds and probability of the outcome!”

I go through various markets, including, the home, draw and away win percentages against the pre-match prices and also the over and under 2.5 goal match totals for each and every team in the EPL this season for the past 5 seasons. Some of the results will be surprising to see…..”


The season is here!

It kicked off on August 10th to be specific, with United winning 2-1. Book had HT/FT at 2.25 and pre-game was 2.37s. It was the stand out pick from the game.

It’s 38 game weeks. 380 games and I have priced the book the same as last years at approximately £1 a game week.

It’s now out and is £39.99, not a significant outlay @ £1.05 a week.

If you want to get involved and join the rest of the community that follows the EPL eBook, you can place your order on the button below. It’s your call, just need to determine whether it is worth just over £1 a week?

I am also running a members-only channel for the EPL that is included in the above for this season.

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Thanks all, and as always, stay lucky with your bets.