Getting Started

Here are a few resources to help you get started:

Free eBook

When is a bet a good bet? Download my eBook here and start picking value winners.

Your betting bank

If you can't manage your bank, you can't bet. Its as simple as that. Check out my guide to managing your betting bank here.

Quick Stats

Quick Stats (QS), is all driven off our database which covers over 1,000 competitions. It has in built alerts (inplay and pre-game) which are created by filters, you can filter against almost anything, we have 349 data points that you can filter against.

To build a filter you choose the match types and historical timeframe you want to include. You can then set specific inplay conditions that need to be met, e.g. no red card in-game, there are over 200 such conditions. It is really up to you, play with it and have fun and use it to find the value and save time betting inplay. Or Pre-game.

You can then choose to include all comps or restrict it to certain comps only. Then choose a market(s) that you want to be alerted on e.g. over 2.5 goals, can set this by min odds, the historical strike rate of that event and/or odds that have value.

If you want to see how the filter you have built performs you can add tracking to it so that you can see the strike rate over time. If you want to know whether it is likely to be decent after you have just built it, you can backtest it by sending it to the lab. It then replays all games in your timeframe based on the criteria you have chosen and returns the historical SR of the filter that you have just built including the implied odds needed to turn a profit. If you do not want to build your own filters, no problem as we have over 1,000 pre-built by members that you can import from the community filter library.

Alerts come through 2 channels, telegram and the notification hub on the site. The notification hub is faster as it removes the telegram delay and you can also see what games are live and being tracked for the relative alert if, for example, your odds have not yet hit.

This is all delivered in a beautifully rich and user-friendly UI. Fixtures and their historical stats are published 5 days in advance That's a decent summary I think for the alerts service, probably missed some high points, but it's a start.

Oh, forgot about daily and overnight forecasts. You can select filters to be added to your forecast, these are sent to you as a PDF with the games that match your filter settings for the day. Nice and convenient, e.g. Over 2.5 match goal filter, select the include in the forecast and you will get sent them all as a PDF first thing in the morning for the day ahead. Then you also get another one late in the evening for the overnight games whilst most people are asleep. You can change the time they are sent if not suitable for you due to work routine as well, and QS always works with kick offs based on your local server time.

Then there is the daily cards and access to my lists, similar to the FHG list I posted regularly on Twitter but for a few other markets.

Now is all of the above free or paid? Actually it's FREE. Free as a bird.

Well, 230 of the competitions are which is a good sample size to get a taste for the service. If you want to try it for free then just register here

Nothing to lose is there, apart from maybe missing the shouts on the other 800 comps? You are not paying for anything by signing up for free, and it is a good taster to the service. Once signed up navigate to QS Menu, log in to QS and start enjoying the experience. This is also the page where you can get more information on the paid options.

There is a lot more to the full service including a global betting community chat which is very active and unlimited alerts with full access to all the competition data.

As always good luck with whatever you play!